Building intriguing websites, designing functional interfaces, and feeding a steady tech addiction since 2012.


I have a passion for design, mostly using Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & Frameworks to create beautiful, responsive and intuitive user interfaces.


I'm a developing developer who's semi-fluent in languages such as PHP and JavaScript. I can't wait to start on Python, NodeJS, VueJS, Laravel and more!

Tech Addict

And last but not least, I'm a hardcore tech junky. I've got more computers than I know what to do with, I love reading about and playing around with phones, computers, consoles, servers, networking.. the list goes on.

A Short Bio

Hey there I'm Colin, a web designing and web developing tech junkie Canadian and ITAS student living it up on the west coast. I've been a hobbyist web developer and designer since 2008. Over the years I've been slowly building up my skillset, working on projects like rForums, Cyanima, and Shockline Hosting.

My Work 2018 (2018)
Last years version of was inspired by a technique that allowed me to make slanted edges. I also threw in a bold green colour combination that I still really like. 2017 (2017)
The 2017 version of was inspired by big white text over top of big background beautiful images.. it was never finished.
Techtonica Forum
Techtonica was a tech-related web forum I was building late last year using XenForo with a custom design I was making. I eventually lost interest in the project.
Wintr Image Hosting
Wintr is an ongoing project to make an image hosting solution that isn't Imgur. It was hand built using PHP and MySQL, I'm currently attempting to convert the codebase to an OOP paradigm.
Helios Corporation
Helios was created by a few friends and I for our Elite Dangerous wing. The game has since re-designed their multiplayer co-op and the site was later scrapped, leaving only the splash page.
Osprey Electric Concept
Osprey Electric Concept
My brother works for Osprey Electric as their Service Manager and we talked about re-doing their poorly built Wix site. This was built trying to keep their original layout but in a more modern design.

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