Hi, I'm Colin

I'm a web designer and developer based out of Nanaimo BC, Canada. I occasionally dabble in some backend programming when I'm not building or repairing computers. I'm sort of a very much a tech junky.

I'm not currently looking to do any freelance work, but if you're looking to hire a part time or full time web designer then shoot me an email.

My recent work

Osprey Electric Mockup

A redesign mockup for OspreyElectric's current website. This one is still in progress, so far only the main homepage is currently coded up. I've got a preview linked below:

Osprey Re-design
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Osprey Electric

Helios Corporation

A quickly slapped together splash page for my Elite Dangerous wing.

Feel free to take a look at the site here:

Helios Corporation
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Helios Corporation

ed3n.me | Old Portfolio

Here is my unfinished 2016/2017 portfolio design.

A lot of time was spent trying to figure out sticky headers, playing around with neat JS scripts (like typed.js) and I was slightly influenced by Spotify's design language.

ed3n.me | Old Portfolio
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ed3n.me | Personal Portfoio

About me


I dont think there's enough lens flare

So as stated above, I'm Colin. A web designing and web developing tech junkie Canadian livin' it up on the west coast. When building sites I typically use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, normalize.css(or sanitize.css), FontAwesome or Google's Material Icons. I'm always trying to learn new and better techniques and eventually want to start getting into webapps using a MEAN stack.
That'll be fun, right?

I've also worked on some pretty cool projects like Thamium9, Connemara Media and WebsiteForums

Oh, and uh I'm 24 years young, I like long walks on the beach, I enjoy drinking craft beers and copious amounts of coffee, I'm a cat and dog person and my favourite colour is red.