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About Myself

Hey so I'm Colin Berry - a web designing, video gaming, music writing and technical individual. I currently reside in Nanaimo, BC Canada.

I've been designing and building websites for the better part of a decade on and off. While I've never been employed as a full time web designer or developer, I have worked with various local businesses designing and building websites, logos and various other assets.

This very website was designed by and, well.. mostly coded all by me! Admittedly I had a bit of help from the ever-so-wonderful people at Google, Unspash, and this one guy Matt Boldt for his truly excellent typed.js jQuery plugin.

I like to use SublimeText3, Firefox, Photoshop + Illustrator, and XAMPP for my work.

Whatever that means.

Recent Projects (2017)

Woah isnt this the very site you're viewing right now?

Inspired by Spotify's colour palette, I built this site to try out some one-page web design. I thought I'd see what happened with my spin on it. (2016)

Last years site was inspired by a random color palette I found online.

I designed this site to build a consistent user experience, packed as much information into it as I could and all while trying to keep it clean and simple.

Look Im still buildin' this site okay?


About me